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Warranty Coverage

All products are offered with a full two year warranty from the date of purchase. Holy promises to replace all products that are defective. The warranty does not include man made damage, illegal use, altering devices, parts changing, add on’s, natural disasters, and repacking of the products. Also all products that do not conform to Holy RMA standards will be rejected, with all shipping charges being the customer’s responsibility.

Without Warranty Coverage

For all products that exceed the warranty period, we will provide a fair and suitable repair charge and shipping fee. Holy will not repair any damaged items if they are man-made, altered, or have add on’s.
Note: Holy have the right not to repair any discontinued items.

Overseas Customer Repair Policy's

In order to avoid import taxes or charges when returning items, please be sure to write “return for repair” on all packaging and receipts. This will ensure a faster customs clearance. Holy will not issue a new product for your damaged items. We are only responsible for repairing; all shipping and taxes are the full responsibility of the customer.

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