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High Voltage SMD 2835
SMD 2835
SMD 3030
SMD 3014
SMD 5050
SMD 5730
LED Module
IC Linear Module
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3V 0.2W 24-26Lm SMD 2835
3V 0.5W 55-60Lm SMD 5730
6V 1W 110-120Lm Smd 2835
3V 1W 110-120Lm SMD 3030
3V 0.1W 12-14Lm SMD 3014
3V 0.2W 18-20Lm SMD 5050
3v 0.2W 26-28Lm SMD 2835
3V 0.5W 60-65Lm SMD 5730
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We Holy Lighting Technology, with brands of DearMing/DearHe in Chinese mainland, with more than 11 years of experience in LED field, owning the world's latest technology, equipment and skillful mature R&D resources, as TOP 10 LED manufacturing equipment & LED Chips suppliers, TOP 15 LED end Lighting products suppliers (without LED Screen).
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Our company, Holy Lighting, will invest more money to this field. Australia, as our traditional main market, we pay more...
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